6 Julio, 2018

Donít miss the summer parties and rent your villa in Ibiza

Donít miss the summer parties and rent your villa in Ibiza

Summer is finally here and one of our chosen places to spend these sunny days is a house rented in Ibiza. This island is a unique place for the beauty of its beaches, the character of its inhabitants and, especially, for hosting the best parties and events.

The four most famous parties in Ibiza

If you are thinking about renting a villa in Ibiza for days, here we leave you the most important parties so that you can enjoy your holidays as much as possible. Ushuaia: Music at all hours, go-go dancers in bikini, tons of decibels, huge LED screens and a spectacular stage meet every summer in Ushuaia. Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell or Dennis Rodman are some of the celebrities that have been seen there. After this day party you can always return to your rented villa with pool in Ibiza to give yourself a break.

  • Pacha: Who doesnít know Pacha? This club is one of the most famous in the world since it opened in the 40s. After a quiet dinner in your rented house in Ibiza you can always go to have fun there. Although this club is already stablished in the main world capitals, the queen of the parties will always be Ibiza.

  • Privilege: The prestige of this club resides mainly in the magnitude of its facilities. It can hold up to 10,000 people. Its huge capacity makes it the largest club in the world. It has a central pool and outdoor rooms where you can see the shows of dancers and artists.

  • Blue Marlin: It is one of the most exclusive places on the island and the most elite option for big parties on Sunday afternoons in Ibiza. It is the perfect destination for those who have rented a luxury yacht, since you can use the jetty that gives direct access to the club.

We have just shown you some of the most important parties, but in Ibiza you can have fun in every corner. From the electronics to the hippie style that gave so much popularity to the island.

Choose what suits you best

When you decide to rent a house in Ibiza youīre doing it because of the comfort it gives you. You can rent it as a couple, with friends or with your family, but itīs always the best option to enjoy Ibiza, its beaches and its famous parties as never before. Depending on the plan or the party you choose, you have the availability of renting a villa from which you can walk to those places that you want so much to enjoy.

Choosing which one you want itīs up to you. We offer you the best villas for rent in Ibiza so that you have the peace of mind that, whatever your choice is, when you return to our villas you can rest and continue enjoying the comfort on this island. Trust us to rent houses in Ibiza on holidays and we assure you that your stay in Ibiza will be even more memorable.

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