31 Julio, 2018

Rent a villa in Ibiza and go sailing

Rent a villa in Ibiza and go sailing

There can be many reasons for you to decide to rent a villa in Ibiza this summer: the good weather, the beaches and coves or maybe even go sailing.

Visit the villages sailing the sea

Ibiza is a multifaceted island where you can enjoy sailing, getting the chance to know the villages once moored in port, and naturally enjoy its best places to spend the night in front of a beach.

In addition to the spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters, white sand coves and good vibes, sailing through Ibiza has a great advantage: this island has the perfect size to travel in just a few days. And, if the weather is not on your side, you will always be very close to the opposite side of the island where you could shelter and go to your rented villa.

A very suitable month to sail is September. If you have rented your villa in Ibiza during this month, you would see that the huge amount of tourists had decreased, and you could still enjoy the good weather and the warm water. You can rent a villa in your favorite area of Ibiza and go sailing and get to know small towns and make routes that allowed you to reach them easier than doing it by land.

Some caves that you can visit

San Antonio Bay serves as a starting point for many people who have decided to go sailing. If you are in your rented villa planning to visit some of the most emblematic coves of Ibiza, this can be a good place to start. It is a large and protected bay, with the town of San Antonio covering its entire coastline.

You can navigate the west coast of Ibiza, from San Antonio to Es Vedrá. This coast is sheltered from the prevailing eastern winds. The south coast of Ibiza presents similar conditions. Cala Bassa is very close to San Antonio. It is a beautiful place with a beach of fine white sand and several restaurants.

A highly recommended activity is the trip around to the different caves of the east coast of the cove. Cala Salada is 25 minutes from San Antonio. It is framed under a green and secluded spot, with a beach and a small dock for local fishermen to leave the auxiliary boat. If you haven’t carried any food with you from your rented villa, there is a restaurant there where you can eat a good paella or have a drink.

Cala Conta has one of the best waters of Ibiza. If you decide to go down amd enjoy its beach, you will find three restaurants, and one of the most beautiful beach bar of the island with an atmosphere in the purest style of Ibiza.

There are many places you can visit while sailing the peaceful waters of Ibiza. We invite you to plan the route you want to do from your rented villa. You can enjoy much more, but leave a space for improvisation, the most beautiful corners of this island do not appear in the tourist guides.

Rent a villa in Ibiza this summer and enjoy its landscapes, its beaches and its sea... We assure you that you won’t regret it!

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