22 Mayo, 2018

The magic of islet of Es Vedrà

The magic of islet of Es Vedrà | Coastline Ibiza

Ibiza has many charms and one of the favorite places for Ibiza and tourists is located just outside Ibiza, we talk about the islet of Es Vedrà . It is a huge rock pyramid that is located in the southwest of the island in front of Cala d´Hort , in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. It has great ecological value, which is why it is a nature reserve since 2002 when it was found in the Parc de Cala d´Hort i Es Vedrà , formed by the islets of Es Vedrà , Es Vedranell and the Illots de Ponent.

Its unique shape and being 382 meters above the sea make it very visible from much of Ibiza, Formentera and even from some areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The islet is owned by about thirty families. For many years, not being able to build or carry out economic activities, there was a large colony of goats, of the few species that can adapt to their orography.

Can you visit Es Vedrà ?

It has great value, so it is forbidden to visit it, to do so and justify the visit it is necessary to obtain a special permit . At least you can enjoy the views from Ibiza and if you wish, there is the possibility of surrounding it by sailing, renting a boat and going around the 4 kilometers of the perimeter of the island.

If you are looking for a rental house in Ibiza , surely you have among your destinies to discover Es Vedrà and the truth is that you will not be disappointed. It is an islet that is also considered a magical place with special powers. There are not a few people who say they have seen UFOs or mysterious lights, although the Ibicencos say that this is more due to the hippies and their hallucinogenic trips.

The cultural importance of Es Vedrà

The islet also has great value in the field of culture. Many painters, photographers or musicians have used it to find inspiration . If one thinks about it, we could almost say that it is a natural sculptural colossal in the middle of the sea. Mike Oldfield made it appear on an album where he said he served as inspiration.

The iconic image of Es Vedrà has become famous thanks to many products. A brand like Marí Mayans of Ibizan herbs, has the image of the islet on its label, as well as we can see it on the plates of island beer.

Where is Es Vedrà ?

Exactly we found it two kilometers away from the south west coast of Ibiza . It is said that the islet separated from Ibiza 10,000 years ago due to the effect of tides and erosion.

So, if you think of renting luxury villas in Ibiza, you should not miss your visits. The island of Ibiza has plenty of reasons to fall in love and help you find that relax you are looking for, all surrounded by all kinds of services, as well as a nature that make this enclave, one of the most desired in Europe.

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