7 Junio, 2018

Tips so you do not cheat on your vacation rental

Tips so you do not cheat on your vacation rental | Coastline Ibiza

We must be careful when hiring house rentals, especially in advance payments.

What should we do to not get ripped off?

We are going to give you a series of practical tips so that you reduce to the maximum the risk of being cheated in a vacation rental.

Do not trust vacation rental ads on conventional media

You can see them in lampposts, newspapers, planks in public places, etc. In these supports there is no trace of the author, appearing only a claim and a mobile phone.

Beware of non-specialized rental websites

Enable to s that you can not identify the owner well and where you can not make sure the old owner on the website, not worth trusting.

Trust ads on classified websites where the owner has many ratings and that are positive

This gives it credibility over time. These websites have a team of agents who can be contacted when there are doubts about the owner and in case there are problems they can throw it out of their platform.

Deliver the least amount of money possible

The goal of the con artist is none other than to make money, so the more urgent will be charged rental income, better if it is totally, before the day of check -in is reached. The normal thing is to demand a signal as a reservation, but not all the amount of the rent and even less before occupying the property. Therefore, it is best not to deliver large amounts of money. If we talk about payment, it is best to avoid any method other than a bank transfer to an account number of an entity that has recognition. Be cautious, especially when the office where the account is open is not in the same province in which the owner resides. In the case of the credit card it is easier to take the operation back, so that there are more and more individuals who opt for this formula.

Opt for a professional service

Tourist rentals have traditionally moved in a series of legal gaps. Many of them have continued without declaring themselves to the Treasury, favoring the lack of protection. When there is a professional intermediary, there is more confidence and transfer, because there is the option to block the delivery of money until the client does not set foot in the apartment, check that everything is correct and corresponds to what was promised.

Report as soon as possible

Authorities like the Civil Guard, through the Office of Telematic Crimes, as the Police, through the Technological Investigation Brigade, work daily to eradicate these and other crimes that are committed on the Net. When there is a suspicion of fraud that becomes a reality, we must go to the nearest police station and report the case so that the necessary diligences are carried out. If the judicial process comes to fruition, it is very possible that a fine will be imposed and the scammer will also have to pay compensation.

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