18 Julio, 2018

When you leave your rented villa to enjoy Ibiza┤s nights you should...

When you leave your rented villa to enjoy Ibiza┤s nights you should...

You have already decided to enjoy your holiday in Ibiza in a rented house and you are willing, both you and your partner, to enjoy the charms of this island as much as possible.

And although you can visit Ibiza for its party, the night also offers exotic places or corners on the many beaches where you can enjoy the peace that the calm sea transmits.

Spending a few days in your rented house in Ibiza offers you the opportunity to know the day life, but also wonderful nights. All these are the perks of visiting an island with a history so full of hippie culture.

White clothes and tanned skin

You have arrived at your rented villa and you can finally take your clothes out of the suitcase. You must know that in Ibiza anything goes, so don┤t think much about your outfit. If you feel playful you can go for something you would never wear back home - something very extravagant, too daring, perhaps excessively sexyů surely in Ibiza you surprise yourself.

Ibiza and wearing white are synonymous. For women i┤ts very easy. The typical Ibicenco dress is a summerly basic. Can you imagine your wardrove without it? But if you don┤t have one already, don┤t worry. You can choose a simple one at the flea market close to you rented house or decide to indulge yourself and choose one from the best-known brands that usually wear the famous ones. Men can choose a white shirt and linen pants, also white. If you don┤t have this last piece of clothes, you can use some broken jeans.

In summer, the ideal is for the skin to be tanned. Especially because it contrasts with the white color of the dress or shirt, in the case of boys. However, tanning does not mean burning. When you leave your rented villa in Ibiza to go to the beach, you must take precautions against the sun, especially in the face. So never put a foot outside without making sure you┤re wearing sunscreen.

Do not forget the accessories

When you want to spend the night away from your rented villa in Ibiza to enjoy an Ibiza event, it is important to know what accessories you should bring to the type of party. Not only to be consistent with the theme but so to avoid ending up unnoticed between a "White tide" of people.

What a joy it is to know that it is not necessary to leave your rented house with high heels! This type of look - white, simple, but with some complement in the hair- allows you to enjoy your Ibiza party wearing comfortable shoes. This means that for the first time, when you return to your rented villa you won┤t do it with the heels of your hand.

It is best to leave the bag in your rented house for these summer days and leave your hands free. But if you need something to store mobile and keys, choose one in line with the hippie vibres of the island.

As we mentioned before, the Ibiza night is much more than discos, high music and colorful lights. Whether if you are in the company of friends, couples or family, it┤s always a good plan to leave your rented house in Ibiza to take a walk along the seashore or enjoy the busy streets full with life and summer vibrations.

Enjoy Ibiza, its night, its markets and its people. Renting a villa this summer and spending a few days there is the best way to get to know this unique island. Are you really going to miss it?

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